Lyrita Audio

Lyrita Audio extends full support for all its products, and to all customers. Though based at a single location in New Delhi, technical assistance is available by phone and email. Assistance is also available through a network of customers all over India. For repair and modifications to equipment, the units will have to be shipped to Lyrita Audio in New Delhi.


Current product manuals, and schematics, are available here.



Product Manuals

2A3 SET integrated amplifier

2A3 SET power amplifier

GM70 SET integrated amplifier

GM70 SET power amplifier

GM70 SET Mono power amplifier

Integre Two integrated amplifier

DHT Line preamplifier

Lync preamplifier

Phono preamplifier

Phono MC preamplifier

Harmony One speakers

Horn Petite speakers

Horn Grande speakers


2A3 SET integrated

2A3 SET integrated - power supply

GM70 SET integrated

GM70 SET integrated - power supply

2A3 SET power

2A3 SET power - power supply

GM70 SET power

GM70 SET power - power supply

DHT Line preamp

Lync preamp

Phono preamp

Phono MC preamp

GM70 SET Mono

GM70 SET Mono - power supply

Integre Two

Integre Two - power supply

Some of the fine components that go into Lyrita’s amplifiers - Delta transformers and chokes, Samsung electrolytic capacitors, Elna Silmic capacitors, Advance high voltage film capacitors, ceramic tube sockets, gold plated RCA sockets, Alps potentiometers, Kiwame carbon resistors, Stead wirewound resistors, Russian K409-Y paper-in-oil capacitors, Russian silver mica capacitors, Russian input tubes.