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Lyrita Audio is all about music.

About the high quality of music reproduction at home.


Viren Bakhshi, the principal designer and doer, has been won over by the vintage technology of tubes. Tube amplifiers, along with horn speakers, continue to reproduce music with great fidelity and realism. Music connects emotionally, with personal involvement and enjoyment.

All of Lyrita’s products are hand crafted. Cabinets are made from hardwoods, with a natural oil finish. Circuits are hard wired, with point-to-point wiring. All transformers have been developed specifically for each amplifier. Good quality parts are sourced from around the world, such as Kiwame resistors, Russian paper-in-oil capacitors, Alps potentiometers, Advance high voltage film capacitors, Russian and NOS tubes.



Lyrita Audio strongly recommends that you audition equipment before you buy. Music listening is a subjective experience, and your preferences influence what you like.



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